Further more, let our staff customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs and your budget. In accordance you can count on Golden Touch Cleaning Services for top-notch cleaning at unbeatable rates.
As always Golden Touch highly trained crews and first rate cleaning products all combine to attack bacteria and destroy it where it breeds.  We pay special attention to high touch areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates so that nothing is left to chance.

Why choose Golden Touch Cleaning Services?

Reliability- Golden touch puts a great deal of focus on doing it right every time and on time. We have a system where we work as a team to make sure every clients business is maintained on a timely basis as required.
Effective Communication- Golden Touch deems it a necessity to have a great deal of communication with the client in order to provide quality service to the facility as things change. Also, in order to work with the client and see how things could be done differently to bring the facility as close as possible to perfection.
Consistency- Golden Touch wants your continued service. Therefore, we will strive in maintaining our client's facility in better shape than imagined.
Golden Touch can assure its client's of the high demanding security precautions we take to ensure the
safety of our valued customers.  To further address security concerns of our customers, we uniform and carry identification badges of all our group of workers. 

Providing professional services you need at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated since 2000.

Golden Touch Cleaning Services